The WAtv program produces broadcast news and livestreams for Wheaton Academy. The students in the program commit to pursue creativity, beauty and honesty. Within the news program, each student participates in research, story gathering, interviews and editing. They practice sound journalistic practices to ensure that their stories are balanced and true.

WAtv requires students to work hard and finish products each week. This is a commitment that the school honors and supports. We realize that this is a challenge for parents, students teacher and even administrators. But like the motto of WAtv says, “If it was easy, anybody would do it.”

Within the structure of the class, students are assigned to the following roles: producer, writer, videographer, or editor. Each Monday throughout the school year, the WAtv class airs a new episode of its television news show. Please feel free to contact us here or talk to any of our students if you have any questions or want to comment on what we are doing.

The Official Student Broadcast Program of Wheaton Academy